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English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring

ESL Tutoring

Tutor Doctor of Portland provides complete support for English Learners

New people arrive daily from many places around the world to enrich the diversity of our city. Tutor Doctor has a special role to play in helping recent arrivals to develop their English skills. Through our tailored one-on-one tutoring approach, we have helped many children and adults acquire English language skills quickly and easily.

School age students who have recently arrived in the USA must achieve a certain level of fluency in English before they can effectively learn in an English speaking school. Our tutors improve the student’s reading and writing skills to improve academic studies. At the same time, the student’s speaking and listening skills will progress to build better understanding in the classroom.

Tutor Doctor also helps to provide a level of cultural understanding of local language and culture that will help the student feel more comfortable participating in life at school and more broadly in American society.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to you or child’s education – give us a call at Tutor Doctor today for more information about our programs, pricing, and special offers right here in our area!

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